Election Information

2021 Election Information

The following individuals have filed for candidacy for the 2021 South Ogden City Municipal Election.  Their names will appear on the ballot as shown below:

Mayor 4-year term
Russell L. Porter

City Council 4-year term
Susan Stewart
Jeremy Howe
Mike Howard

City Council 2-year term
Brandon Dominguez
Jeanette C. Smyth

The candidate's contact information is below.  The candidates appear in the order in which they filed.

Name Office Seeking Phone Email
Russell L. Porter Mayor 801-725-3090 porters6@msn.com
Jeanette C. Smyth City Council-
2 yr.
801-479-5763 j.m.smyth@comcast.net
Jeremy Howe City Council-
4 yr.
801-686-5599 jeremy.howe@me.com
Susan Stewart City Council-
4 yr.
801-393-0431 stewart4council@gmail.com
Mike Howard City Council-
4 yr.
801-502-2664 mikethoward@outlook.com
Brandon Dominguez City Council-
2 yr.
801-791-6639 brandonmichaeldominguez@gmail.com


For UOCAVA (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) notice/information, click here.