Stray / Found / Lost Pets

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If you have found a  stray animal, it belongs to someone else. Please do the right thing and notify Animal Services immediately by calling our Dispatch Center at 801-395-8221. If your pet were lost one of the first things you would do would be to notify your local Animal Services. We reunite hundreds of animals with their families thanks to kind citizens who notify us so we can help the owners find their pet. You can leave a message and details of what you found including breed, color, sex and any identification that the animal is wearing. Please make sure you include your name and phone number also. The Animal Services Officer will contact you as soon as possible to make accommodations for the animal.

Lost pets in South Ogden: Please call the shelter at 801-622-2949 and leave a message of what you are missing. Begin with your name and phone number, then where the pet was lost and leave a description of the animal including breed, color, sex and any identification that the animal is wearing. Also check with local shelters including, Davis County 801-444-2200 or Weber County 801-399-8244. Also check with and other online resources for lost / found pets.