Animal Control Complaints / Questions

hound dog

Neighbor's dog barking?   Witness an animal being neglected?   Dog running loose in your neighborhood?  Please contact Weber Dispatch at 801-629-8221 to make contact with an animal services officer.  We are here to help with your animal complaint.

1.  Are chickens/goats/pigs/ducks/geese allowed in South Ogden?    No, no livestock is allowed in the city.
2.  What should I do if I have a raccoon or rat problem?  Contact a private pest control company.  
3.  How many dogs are allowed in a household?  2  dogs City Code 5-1-3 (E) and 5-1-13 (G)
4.  How many cats are allowed in the city?   3 cats.  City Code 5-1-13 (g)

If you have questions regarding South Ogden Animal Control Ordinance, please visit our City Code Animal Control Ordinances section.